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Adyan Linen & Laundry Services Ltd is an independent supplier of Table Linen, Bedroom Linen, Chef Uniform and Catering Service, locating in the heart of London. We have now been operating over  7 years and have successfully outgrown other competitors to a size that puts us alongside the larger laundries. Our focus is to provide a quality assured service to hotels and their associated restaurants whilst maintaining a cost effective price to enable our customers a value added advantages. Our fleet of vehicles ranging from Sprinter Vans to Luton Vans accommodate even the largest hotels wherever they may be located.

Our Values: 

1. Awards and recognition. 

2. Environmentally friendly Linen Hire & Laundry services.

3. Our commitment to sustainability. 

4. We’re part of the community. 

5. The team that cares. 

6. Free pick-up and delivery. 

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